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I'm drowning in your lies & selfishness but I don't find a way out, cause I'm a fool like that.


Having a guy who will never let go of your hand no matter what... That, is one of the best things a girl can ever have in a relationship.

. .. .. ...........

" I Kissed A "Guy" & I Liked It. "

Why Hello There, RUFUS / Rudolph / Ruffles! 😂😂😂
With your small eyes hidden, you melted our hearts & made my bad day well again. <3


Many Took Generations To Build A Nation, You Took A Lifetime - Your Lifetime. :')

No words can express our heartfelt gratitude and deepest respect, for all that you have done and fought for this nation...turning Singapore into a country to be reckoned with. Without you, Singapore would not be what she is today.

You, Our Founding Father, laid the strong foundation that ensured that Singapore will continue to prosper and succeed, even after your passing. Given the circumstances you had, you always made sure to do what you felt was the right thing no matter how tough it was going to be. Your Perseverance and Courage is deeply admirable, and these values of yours...we will always strive to achieve.

Even though Singapore will never ever be the same without you, Your Legacy And Love For Singapore Will Continue To Live In Our Hearts For Our Lifetime.

We Love You, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew & We Will Most Definitely Miss You... 💔



“All I can say is, I did my best. This was the job I undertook, I did my best and I could not have done more in the circumstances. What people think of it, I have to leave to them. It is of no great consequence. What is of consequence is, I did my best.”


There Will Be None Other Like You, For You Are One In A Centillion.


Wanted to visit Mr. LKY at the Parliament House, but my plans failed Haha. Luckily, I managed to get a really kind lady (who was about to join the queue) to bring my note in with her, and leave it there on my behalf.


3 Deaths within this past week - Lee Kuan Yew, An Ex-Collegue, & An Ex-Collegue Who Attended The Other Ex-Collegue's Funeral.

None of them knew that they were going to die this soon. If they did, would they have lived life differently? Would they have said their proper goodbyes to their loved ones? Would they have tried to prevent it?

It got me thinking ALOT.
Life is so fragile, isn't it? :(
It makes me wonder what if it was my time soon?

I'm sacred.
I don't want to die, not yet... I am not ready


Going to make sure I remind myself to post this on the 27th, in support for Seth. ❤️
Though we didn't all manage to wear yellow, we tried our best... & I hope that Seth will be happy with this picture and hopefully, his mother will be able to show it to him in time and have it printed and pasted on his hospital room walls. :')
One sticker for Singapore on your world map, Seth!

Praying his surgery will be complications-free and a successful one.



Back To Square One.

Super depressed that it has to turn out this way yet again.
What frustrates me is how easy it wouldn't have to be this way, yet...you just wouldn't put in that small amount of effort to prevent it.
Your reaction crushes me all the time. It just has to - You.

💔 trying not to think too much, but I'm really exhausted and devastated to be honest. It's been way too long since I've pretty much been pressing on alone.

" No One Has To Know My Story. "


Why doesn't it seem like I deserve the effort I've put in?!

Feeling so miserable right now.
I haven't replied a single work email for the past 3-5 days, and I know that I'll have to bear the consequences for that.
But I'm just feeling so terrible beyond words right now... I wish people can just leave me alone and let me off. 😔😥💔


A Clean Heart Create For Me, O God, And A Steadfast Spirit Renew Within Me.

Ps. 51:12


Every CNY... the thing I look forward most to is your warm hospitality like no other, the traditional peranakan food you serve out to your guests, & most importantly... Treasured Stories by your cute husband about the old days and those during the Japanese occasion.

With that, I learn a little more each time about how my dad & my grandparents lived. ❤️



24/7 unbearable _._._._.
Whyyy~~~ :'(
Trying my best to hold it in every single S.E.C.O.N.D.


Love Is The Most Beautiful Thing To Have, The Hardest Thing To Earn, and The Most Painful Thing To Lose.


" TRUST Is Like A Paper.
Once Crumpled, It Can't Be PERFECT Again. "

Stylist cut my hair too short. :(
It's a lot worse than it appears here, BOOHOO.. & CNY is coming. -.-